1-Hour Florida Jet Fighter Pilot Experience


What could be more exhilarating than piloting your own fighter jet? Fly a real fighter jet, even if you have never flown a plane before. Join an experienced pilot and perform combat manoeuvres on this once in a lifetime experience. Ticket prices are £2,460 per person, for more information click here.

What is exciting and fun to watch at airshows can be the difference between life and death during combat. Military pilots train on  maneuvers like loops, rolls, Immelmann-turns, split-s, inverted flight, turns and Cuban eights to be familiar with the capabilities of the aircraft in every situation. Your experience takes place at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.

You will be able to experience all of these real combat maneuvers and after adequate training on the ground and demonstration in the air, you are in control of the L-39 and with breathtaking speed can make the aerobatic maneuvers yourself! You will also experience the thrill of low-level flying at 750 km/h as your pilot flies only a few meters above the ground in an exhilaratingly low flight that is mastered by only a few experienced pilots.

Florida the sunshine state is the base for your total flight enjoyment. At the airport you will meet your pilot and go to a briefing room where you have time to extensively discuss the aircraft and the flight program with your pilot. You will then define your flight program together. Whether you would like to do a calm tour or an action laden air force program, the pilot will accommodate your wishes as much as possible.

  • Pilot your own combat jet
  • Fly real combat maneuvers
  • Experience life as a fighter jet pilot for a day

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